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Thin Lizzy

1969 in Dublin, Ireland , Phil Lynott a Bass player/Singer formed the Hard rock group Thin Lizzy, pioneering the use of twin guitar harmonies in their songs they have released some of the most famous songs ever written. "Boys are back in town","Whiskey in the Jar", "Jailbreak" &"thunder & Lightening" to name just a few.

Phil Lynott
Phil Lynott


Thin Lizzy has seen many guitarists come and go (some back again) through the years.

Left the band mutually after a drinking spree on a New Years eve gig saw Eric throw his guitar to the ground, kick his amps offstage and walk off.

Gary only stayed with the band for a few months in 1974, 1977 saw Gary return after guitarist Brian Robertson hurt his hand in a fight, Moore replaced Robertson on tour supporting Queen, Moore rejoined the band permanently in 1978, but during recording sessions Moore had enough and went missing on tour in the US, this of course ended a long term friendship between Moore & Lynott.

  • Midge Ure joined the band briefly in `79 to finish the tour where Gary had left off
  • Scott Gorham 1974-1983 longest serving Lizzy guitarist despite seeing many others come and go.
  • Brian Robertson 1974-1978 Brian spent a lot of time in and out of Thin Lizzy due to "various" reasons.
  • Snowy White 1980-1982 Snowy was more interested in the slower blues numbers and left Lizzy on mutual terms although being involved heavily with Lizzys songwriting during this period, a very underestimated guitarist.
  • John Sykes 1983 unfortunatly short lived, after `83 Sykes did various projects including Whitesnake while he waited for Lynott to reform Lizzy.

Image:lizzylive.jpg Image:lizzylive2.jpg

A Sad End

Image:philip1.jpg Image:philip8.jpg

During the christmas holidays of 1985 and after a successful and happy year, for Phil Lynott, he collapsed in his London home and was taken to hospital. january 4th 1986 Phil Lynott passed away at age 36. A tragic end for an amazing man with an amazing career.

The Good News

Although devasted by the passing of Phil Lynott, John Sykes, joined Scott Gorham in 1994 to play a few tribute gigs to Phil in Japan.

The band still continues to date as a tribute to Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott The current line up is


  • 1971 - Thin Lizzy
  • 1972 - Shades of a blue orphanage
  • 1973 - Vagabonds of a western world
  • 1973 - Funky junction "play a tribute to Deep Purple"
  • 1974 - Night life
  • 1975 - Fighting
  • 1976 - Jailbreak
  • 1976 - Johnny the fox
  • 1977 - Bad reputation
  • 1978 - Live & dangerous (dbl,live)
  • 1979 - Black rose
  • 1980 - Chinatown
  • 1981 - Renegade
  • 1981 - Killers
  • 1981 - Killers - live 2 (live)
  • 1983 - Thunder and lightning
  • 1983 - Life/Live
  • 2000 - One night only (live)


Thin Lizzy

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