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Chris Evans (Smells)
Chris Evans (Smells)


Student Instructor

Name: Smells (Real Name: Chris Evans)

Location: Sittingbourne, UK

Date of Birth: 30/06/1970

Been playing guitar since: 1986


I started playing the guitar when the drums for my neigbours just became too much and the complaints of noise came thick n fast!
I began by learning songs from bands like Samson,saxon etc, the NWOBHM was at its high at this stage and I loved it!, most of these bands are responsible for me playing both drums and the guitar
Guitar soon took over as lack of somewhere to practice the drums killed the passion that I had for the drums (at this stage I wasnt actually a bad drummer!)
Joined a band after I`d been playing for about 18 months and this was really where the main learning began, writing songs with my brother (bass player) and a singer, I then moved on to a band that eventually managed to turn semi-pro doing gigs around the London Rock Circuit.
I love playing the guitar, its something that I can put so much into, regardless of mood, it always makes me feel better

20 odd years later and I still have as much enthusiasm for it as I did when I first started
I hope you enjoy anything that I can bring to GMC, and that it helps some of you to move forward in your quests

Influences and Playing

Paul Samson, Vivian Campbell, Gary Moore, joe Satch, Bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Def Leppard, Dio, Saxon.

Mainly into Heavy Rock music, its the style I love to play the most, I like to try and make lessons that are "in the style of" and begginer lessons, I try in my lessons to show people not so much short cuts but easier ways of playing.

List of lessons

1. Beginner Improvisation Help
Level 1, soloing, (Covers variety of styles)

2. Beginners Phrasing Help
Level 1, soloing (Various styles can be applied)

3. 3 part metal riffing for Beginners
Level 2-3?, rhythm, Picking & palm muting, Metal

4. In the style of Angus Young
Level 4-5, in style of, timing, alternate picking, Heavy Rock

5. In the Style of Vivian Campbell
Level 7-8?, in the style of, AP,muting, pinched harmonics, Heavy Rock

6. Three string sweeping exercise
Level 1 and upwards, soloing, etude, sweep picking, Various genres

7. Rock Ballad Solo (C Major)
Level 2-3, solo, Phrasing (Mainly), Rock

8. "major" Scale Exercises, **Beginners**

9. "major" Scale Excercises, **Intermediates**