Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back Review

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Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back
Stereophonics - You Gotta Go There To Come Back


General Information

Original Author: JVM

Artist: Stereophonics

Album: You Gotta Go There to Come Back

Genre: Rock-blues (I'd say blues rock, but that would put the emphasis on blues when it should be on rock )

Length: 59:09

Track Listing

1. "Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind)" (6:55)
2. "Maybe Tomorrow" (4:33)
3. "Madame Helga" (3:55)
4. "You Stole My Money Honey" (4:18)
5. "Getaway" (4:08)
6. "Climbing the Wall" (4:55)
7. "Jealousy" (4:26)
8. "I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There to Come Back)" (4:36)
9. "Nothing Precious at All" (4:20)
10. "Rainbows and Pots of Gold" (4:11)
11. "I Miss You Now" (4:50)
12. "High as the Ceiling" (3:19)
13. "Since I Told You It's Over" (4:43)

If you're living in the states like me, there's a fairly good chance you've never heard of Stereophonics. Elsewhere in the world, they're a fairly big act. In my humble little opinion, this one, along side Word Gets Around and Language. Sex. Violence. Other? (and then Live From Dakota if you include live albums..) is their finest offering. The best album for a new Stereophonics fan to be to listen to. While there are a lot of pop elements going into the album, the dominant style at work here is rock-blues. Any fan of such music should give this album a listen!


10/10 The album isn't overproduced, but at the same time its pretty shiny. They really rock throughout the album, and while the pace varies from slow and mournful to hard and fast, whatever they're doing they really lay down the groove and stick in it. None of the songs feel like they go on too long, and many of them leave you wanting more. After multiple listens, I'm finding every single song enjoyable and worthwhile. You never find yourself thinking about the production of the album and thats how I like it.


10/10 This is where the album really shines. Kelly Jones has an amazing voice. While not necessarily the greatest range, he has so much soul it floors me every time. The first time I played the album for my friend (starting on You Stole My Money Honey), he immediately thought it was Rod Stuart. After listening more, you realize he's certainly not a clone but very comparable. Very gravelly voice, yet more attitude in my opinion. The lyrics also, can be very clever. I tend to dislike lyrics that try to be too clever, but they never go there. The songs range from up front rockers to the hypnotic and mournful, and his voice does it all very well.


10/10 Kelly again is a fine guitar player. He's not very technical about it, its generally very simple stuff, but theres great riffs and melodies just LITTERED throughout, and when he does take the lead position, even though it's generally for a pretty short amount of time its always satisfying. "Satisfying" would be a good word I think to describe the guitars on the album. I can't help but grin when some of these riffs kick in. Just great.


10/10 Their all around best album IMO. They could have done things differently but I personally wouldn't change a thing. Thats the hallmark of a great album I guess. I could give it less than a perfect score, but I can't think of anything wrong with it. Best songs? Well, besides all of them, if I have to narrow it down a bit, try: "Help Me (She's Out of Her Mind)" if only for the great riff and jamming, "Maybe Tomorrow", "Madame Helga" "Climbing The Wall" (my favorite), "Jealousy" and "I Miss You Now". I tried my best not to list all of them, really.