Steve Vai - Sound Theories Vol. I And II Review

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Steve Vai - Sound Theories Vol. I And II
Steve Vai - Sound Theories Vol. I And II


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Steve Vai

Album: Sound Theories I and II

Genre: Instrumental

Label: Epic Records

Price: $19.99 - $22.99

Track List

Sound Theories Vol. I: The Aching Hunger
1. Kill The Guy With The Ball
2. The God Eatersa
3. The Murder Prologue
4. The Murder
5. Gentle Ways
6. Answers
7. Im Becoming
8. Salamanders In The Sun
9. Liberty
10. For The Love Of God

Sound Theories Vol. II: Shadows And Sparks
1. Shadows And...
2. Sparks
3. Frangelica, Part I
4. Frangelica, Part II
5. Helios And Vesta
6. Bledsoe Bluvd


To some steve vai fans alot of those songs might seem familiar, no this is not a best of album, When you read the Liner notes, Steve Vai has apparetly had entire scores laying around, and this is in his words, "The Realization Of Some Of Those Wonderous Vibrating Colors That Mentally Embraced Me When I Was A Little Boy Who Put His Fingers On A Keyboard For The First Time". Steve Vai has enlisted a full orchestra for this album, some of the classic vai tunes have been re-made with and orchestra, and this is what i think...


Ok, this is Steve Vai, he has one of the most recognizable guitar tones ever, and he doesnt let back, the classic Vai sound and style is here, with a few new surprises. Much like "Alive In An Ultra World", this album is recorded live, and it amazes me at how well he produced this record, if it werent for the screaming crowd at the beginning of the songs, you wouldnt know, his performance is dead on, not a single note missed or left out. The added orchestra playing some of Steve's material is quite impressive, i can imagine the orchestra falling over themselves when they play some of steves abstract melodies and weird song, which in some cases, have Multiple intruments on different tempos and time signatures, According to him, he had to have "Finale", a music program he uses, to be completly reprogramed to fit Steve's songs, this odd use of instruments, time signatures, and differnt tempos, gives off a very wonderous feeling, you can almost feel the vibrating colors he is talking about, and byt the end of this record, you will see them.

Guitar Work

Godly? Amazing? Astounding? Stupendous? Breathtaking? Thought Provoking? Inspiring? Calming? Euphoria? Ecstasy? Can you make a word that encompasses all these feelings? if so, let me know, because that is the only word to describe how i feel about Vais guitar playing on this album. When steve plays live, his music becomes more powerful, you can feel when the power of the crowd is flowing through vai, you can hear it when the climax of the song explodes, and emotions run rampant in your head, you can feel it throughout this entire record, its power, energy, passion, and dedication at its absolute finest. Steve Vai is one of the few guitarists who never is afraid to try something new, and always does it damn good, he can always top himself with every passing record. This is going on my top 10 list, Hell, this is on my top 5.

Overall Impression

9 This is album is better than anything you can dream of, its better than Sex!! or even breathing!! This album is just amazing. Vai's music continues to inspire and amaze me. BUY THIS.