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Hey there my name is Isac Lundqvist.
I live in Glommersträsk (a small village in northen Sweden)… I am 20 years old and I have been playing guitar for about a year now…..

My favourite guitarists are Luca Turilli, Alexei Lahio, Marcus Siepen and Andre Olbrich.
My favourite bands are Rhapsody of fire, Moonlight Agony, Blind Guardian and Nightwish… I don’t play in a band at the moment but I hope I will in a near future.

Now that you know a little more about me lets move on to the lesson

The Lesson

This is a lesson a wrote inspired by Toni Souminens Metal Octaves lesson.

It’s a beginner lesson with very easy licks but if you are unfamiliar with playing with octaves I suggest you have a look at Toni's lesson here.

Now lets take a look at the lesson.

Here is the lick played at full speed with drums: Octaves_Full.mp3 ( 663.78K )

The lesson contains 3 parts we could call them, verse, chorus and outro….


Verse: Octaves_1.mp3 ( 498.04K)


Play this x2

This lick is played in 8th notes(8 notes per beet). Use alternate picking all the time and make sure the shifts between the chords are smooth


Chorus part: Octaves_2.mp3 ( 497.22K )



This lick might be a lot trickier because it involves a lot more chord changes

Practice it slow and be sure you get the pattern down before trying to speed up.


Outro: octaves_3.mp3 ( 498.45K )

The outro is kind of similar to the verse but it is played a little higher on the neck


Play this x2

These are all the parts of the lick…Practise the separately first until you know them and then try to connect them together using the backing tracks….


I have provided 4 backing tracks in different speed so that everyone can practise with the backing track:

Octaves_100bpm.mp3 ( 1.15MB )

Octaves_120bpm.mp3 ( 977.62K )

Octaves_140bpm.mp3 ( 838.33K )

Octaves_Full_speed.mp3 ( 733.74K )

Here is A Guitar Pro file that you can use when you practice: Octaves_lick.gp5 ( 5.57K )

Have fun with this lesson and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask

Good luck