Vox Time Machine Mini Review

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Vox Time Machine
Vox Time Machine

Vox Time Machine Fran's Mini Review

Vox Time Machine is a digital delay unit made by Vox along with guitarist Joe Satriani. I don't really care who designed it though, just loved the sound.

I was going to get me a BOSS DD-6 but they only had a DD-3 at my local shop, so I decided to give this new toy a try, and even though it's a bit pricey I really liked it. (Boss DD-6 isn't that cheap either). It works really well, adds no noise at all, sounds really clean and provides up to 6 seconds delay time (far more than I need, but more never hurts does it?)

The pedal has the usual knobs for a delay: level, range, time & feedback. I'm sure everyone knows what they are about, so no more about that. It also has a tap function to set the delay time stepping on the pedal following the song beat. Really useful.

This pedal has two settings, modern and vintage. When set at "modern" it does a great job as digital delay: clean and nice. The vintage setting adds a little bit of modulation to the effect, really subtle. To be honest I don't see that big of a difference, I have to pay attention to notice it, and most of the time I play on either setting and it always sounds good. That's good in my book!

The pedal also has a small switch to activate what Satriani calls "Hi-Fi / Lo-Fi" equalization cut. Maybe he notices it, I sure don't and neither did any of the guys working at my local shop. Maybe you can only hear it at huge volume playing live in a stadium, but not practicing in your room for sure.

I have to add that this stomp does a great job acting as a reverb too when setting low delay times. Makes my amp "alive".

Reasons to get this one? It sounds really well. For me that's enough. Don't care for its bells and whistles, it does the job and sounds awesome.

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