Creative Arpeggios Phrasing

by Stephane Lucarelli

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  • Difficulty: 6
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  • Hi GMC!

    In this lesson I'll share with you some ideas & concepts about arpeggios phrasing : How to create some interesting and meaningful lines using arpeggios & triads?

    Use the licks in this lesson as a starting point. Don't just learn the lines by heart, but change the rhythm, the combination, add some chromaticism, build your own vocabulary.
    In other words, be creative!

    Some words about theory :

    We are in a modal context here : the backing is a vamp over a Dm7 chord so we are going to use the D Dorian mode/scale and all the diatonic arpeggios/triads to build the lines.
    The D Dorian mode is the second one from the C Major scale. We've got the following triads & arpeggios and the resulting enrichment:

    Each arpeggios & triad will add different enrichment notes, some are more colorful than others.
    I used different kind of arpeggios & triads, different fingerings, sometimes with string skipping, sometimes the starting point is not the root.
    Don't always start on the root note : it will help you to find new ideas and new ways to connect them!

    Gear used :

    - Suhr Guitar
    - Cornford Roadhouse 30
    - Some reverb & delay in the DAW

    Explore, be creative & have fun!

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