Phrygian Soloing - Beginner

by Muris Varajic

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  • Difficulty: 3
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  • Hello GMC and welcome to another serial, it is about Phrygian Mode and in this lesson we'll work in C Phrygian at beginner level, most simple stuff in use.

    Phrygian Mode is pretty similar to natural minor scale, there is only one note difference, Phrygian has flat 2nd interval at the beginning of the scale. So our C Phrygian is just like C minor scale with note Db instead of note D, everything else is just the same. But this one note difference gives us other chords in progression comparing to minor scale, here we have Db and Bb chords, those are flavors of our C Phrygian and we're gonna use them here along with root chord, Cm chord.

    Technique wise, here we have some picking, bending, sliding, even 3 string sweeping, still very simple licks to play.

    Tempo is 80bpm, key of Cm, C Phrygian in use only.

    Setting for Korg Pandora PX4D:
    SGL > HUM 10.0
    US HI-G Gain 6.3 Bass 2.0 Middle 0.7 Treble 5.0
    JAZ 1x15 8.0
    No Mod Effx
    PPDLy3 5.3
    PLATE 1 1.7

    Have fun. :)

    Muris Varajic

    C Phrygian.jpg
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