Left Hand Only Exercise

by Dejan Farkas

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  • Hi and welcome to Left Hand Only lesson. This time we will use only left hand to produce all the sounds, basically it is a combination of hammer-ons and pull-offs with open string. In the beginning you may have difficulties in producing a clean sound without touching other strings, so try muting the neighboring two strings with right hand fingers (I believe Angus did the same in the studio recording).

    In this lesson you can also learn how to jump from the beginning to the middle of the neck. And this can improve the orientation on the neck to change positions quickly.

    This lesson was recorded with my new Korg Pandora PX4D. :D

    Key signature: G Minor
    Time signature: 4/4
    Tempo 120 bpm
    Notes: 16th

    So have fun with this, let me know if you need any help, and feedbacks and comments are welcome. :)


    G Minor copy.jpg
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