Lydian Riffing

by Muris Varajic

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  • Difficulty: 4
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  • Hello GMCers and welcome to another serial, this time it's all about Lydian Mode.

    As you probably know, Lydian mode is almost the same thing as major scale/ionian mode. The only difference is sharp 4th in Lydian mode.

    Now, here we have two keys, key of E and key of Bb, both Lydian of course. These 2 keys are the most distanced ones because the interval between E and Bb is flat 5th OR sharp 4th. Devil interval, also called Tritonus cause it contains 3 whole tones inside. So we are modulating from E into Bb. A# is 4th degree in E Lydian but then we reverse it into Bb when playing in key of Bb, simple as that.

    Then we come back from Bb to E using same formula. Note E is sharp 4th in Bb Lydian and root note of E Lydian.

    This part of serial is riffing only, we'll be playing using downstrokes only most of the time, that way we'll get that powerful sound, metal like.

    In next parts of this serial we'll do some soloing over this riffing, on different levels on course.

    Tempo is 90bpm.

    Have fun! :)

    Muris Varajic

    E Lydian.jpg

    Bb Lydian.jpg
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