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Cacophony was an american heavy metal band formed around 1986 by Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. The band is known for their insane shred duet, mixing neo-classical metal with speed metal elements.


In 1987, one year after the band was formed, Speed Metal Symphony was released. Fusing styles such as classic with hard rock and mixing the exotic sound of Friedman and the technical power of Becker, the album was a sucess for the lovers of the genre.


Go Off! - Unlike their first album, Go Off! was more song-oriented. Although it still had those magic harmonies between both guitars, the album wasn't very successful, but still it spawned cult followings around the band.

In 1989, Cacophony died, ending up with Becker replacing Steve Vai on David Lee Roth and Friedman joining Megadeth.

Band Members

Speed Metal Symphony

Peter Marrino – vocals

Marty Friedman – electric guitar, bass guitar

Jason Becker – electric guitar

Atma Anur – drums

Go Off!

Peter Marrino – vocals

Marty Friedman – electric guitar

Jason Becker – electric guitar

Deen Castronovo – drums

Jimmy O'Shea – bass guitar


Speed Metal Symphony (1987)

Go Off! (1988)

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