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Are you taking part in a contest?

Search no more, Competition Central is the place where you can leave your name and entry link in any given contest for everyone to see!.
You know we love watching our members entries across the net, so be ready to gather loads of attention... and votes!. You can also use this Knowledge Base section to let other GMCers know about ongoing competitions all over the net.

Feel free to add/remove your info in this wiki entry, or just let us know in This Thread, or This one and we'll have it added for you!

Current Entries

Jonathan Burgos - Guitar Idol 2010 - 26 September 2010

Santiago Díaz Garcés - Guitar Idol 2010 - 17 September 2010

Jonathan Burgos - Blue Noize Contest - 13 September 2010

Stephane Lucarelli - Blue Noize Contest - 12 September 2010

Adrian Figallo - Guitar Noize Contest - 29 August 2010

Superize - Live4guitar Competition- 27 August 2010

Maharzan - Live4guitar Competition- 27 August 2010

Juan Cortés - Shred This III Brett Garsed & Di Marzio- 19 August 2010

Stringhammer Emg Zakk Wylde Shred Challenge - 18 August 2010

Mate Nagy Zakk Wylde Shred Challenge 2010 - 12 August 2010

Stephane Lucarelli Shred This III Entry - 9 August 2010

Jad Diab Shred This III Entry - 1 August 2010

Daniel Realpe Guitar Idol 2010 Entry - 29 July 2010

Daniel Realpe, Guitar Idol 2010 Entry

Competitions update by Emir Hot - 03 April 2010

Andy James, Guitar Solo Contest

Competitions update by VictorUK - 05 feb 2010

New Monkey Lord Competition, artist endorsement with D'Addario & Planet Waves

Competitions update by Marek Rojewski - 21st jan 2010

People most probably know about this one, but still there few days left, so maybe someone will enter. Besides the backing track is nice:) Shred this Too competition

Marek Rojewsky - Silent Noise Contest Entry

Competitions update by Marek Rojewski - 17th Jan 2010

A competition hosted by Monkey Lord, there is a drum track to which You should write some rhythm.

Jad Diab Music Box Entry

A new entry by Instructor Jad Diab, this time for Music Box Competition:

Comment about it in the forum thread.

Jad Diab GI Entry

GMC instructor Jad Diab just finished his awesome video entry for GI competition, check it here!

Comment about it in the forum thread.

David Wallimann's GI Entry

GMC instructor David Wallimann has just announced his Guitar Idol 2009 entry, a really nice composition which will be entering the competition on heat 3.

You can watch it here:

Comment about it in the forum thread.

Pedja Simovic - Jazz Competition

Entry Here
Forum Thread

Voting is piece of cake. Just click on VOTE HERE on the left side navigation bar and then click on Participant #004 circle and hit Submit on the right side.

Muris Varajic - Guitar idol 09

Entry Here
Forum Thread

You know the drill, it's GI, register and... vote!

Jose Mena - Guitar idol 09

Entry Here
Forum Thread