Danny Gatton

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Danny Gatton
Danny Gatton


Danny Gatton

Danny Gatton was an American jazz/country guitarist with his own sound and playing. He was called 'the Telemaster' because of his superb skill with a Fender Telecaster guitar. Danny Gatton is considered as one of the best guitarists in history. In the Rolling Stone's magazine top 100 guitarists of all time he was listed 63rd. With the song "Elmira Street Boogie" of the album "88 Elmira Street" he won a Grammy Award in the category of Best Rock Instrumental Performance. Later he was beaten by Eric Johnson with "Cliffs of Dover".

Early life

Danny grew up with the sound of guitars. His father was a well-known rhythm guitarist. He played his own style of percussive guitar. Danny followed his father's passion ever since he was young.
He started his career as a teenager by playing in blues, bebop-, jazz- and rockabillybands. Very soon he already made his name in Washington.


Besides 'the Telemaster' he got another nickname. He was also called 'the Humbler'. He always 'humbled' or out-played anyone who stood up against him in a jam session. He played among great guitarists and was very appreciated by them (Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Alvin Lee, Joe Bonamassa, Les Paul...)


He used the 1953 Fender Telecaster. Which made his typical sound. For a slide, Gatton was known for using a beer bottle or a mug.


In the year of 1994, Danny shot himself in his own garage. This was probably due to many years of depression.


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