Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder Review

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Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder
Hammerfall - Crimson Thunder


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Hammerfall

Album: Crimson Thunder

Genre: Power Metal


01. Riders Of The Storm
02. Hearts On Fire
03. On The Edge Of Honour
04. Crimson Thunder
05. Lore Of The Arcane
06. Trailblazers
07. Dreams Come True
08. Angel Of Mercy
09. The Unforgiving Blade
10. In Memoriam
11. Hero's Return
12. Detroit Rock City (KISS Cover)


9 Man, if any band has ever taken the style of classic Metal acts like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and made a modern sound and style out of it, its Hammerfall. With the obvious influences from the best metal of the 80's like Maiden, Priest, Helloween, Stratovarius even, they take this and transform this into a headbangin riff-tastic album with incredible vocals, awesome solos, and some of the most memorable riffs you will ever hear!


10 Gotta give it to Oscar Dronjak and Stefan Elmgren for being one of the more unique guitar duos, and creating there own style. From the heavy and fast riffs of "On The Edge Of Honour" to the slow and melancholic "Angel Of Mercy", they maintain a nice diversity, and continue to support this by Stefan Elmgrens superior lead playing. From super melodic sweeping and legato, to the super catchy melodies of "Hero's Return", to those epic slow solos that really get to you, Stefan shows us he knows his way around the guitar, and better than most.


7 Magnus Rosen i know to be an absolutely incredible bassist, But hammerfall isn't a demanding band for the bass, Which is why Magnus left last year sadly. Anyway, the bass does its job, i must say the tone is awesome, and it really adds to the overall sound, with some cool interludes and "mini-solo's" this is an aspect that wont dissapoint, but wont impress either.


8 So, like most drummers, Anders Johansson feels the need to have four bass drums, with two completely different sounds, throughout the album you will hear minor changes in tone, and this keeps me interested His playing is excellent, from the steady double bass to the grooves of "Riders Of The Storm", its perfect fit for the band, and its alwasy keeping that head of yours banging!!


10 Joacim Cans is easily one of the most talented singers in Metal, ever. His voice is totally unique, and his vibrato is beautiful, this really shines on "Dreams Come True", and "Angel Of Mercy". He can be the voice leading an armada to war or the voice putting you to sleep. Its smooth, yet powerful, and it is just plain amazing, On every album he get better, his voice never fails!!


8 Sure, not the most brilliant, not the most in depth or amazing, BUT. They are incredibly well done, very vivid, and there choice of words is amazing. Hammerfall have the theme of "The Hammer", "The Templars" and are known for using the color Crimson to depict these things.

From "Riders Of The Storm"

Sight a brand new horizon
Ascending from the hearts of those who couldn't see
The decline of man, the final stage of war

Spectral forces of mankind
We're all trapped inside the core of the machine
Our time has come to find a way back home

We seek our destiny in thee
In the eye of the storm
A genesis is born, reborn

Riders of the storm - one with the wind
defenders of creation
Riders of the storm - aligned with the sun

Phantom powers rule the earth
Descending down, controlling you and me
What is left to see, is it all but a dream

On the inside looking out
Kept within a cage, behind a false facade
They can't keep us down cause our strength is our will

We dream of a genesis reborn
Where our spirits fly free
Let us choose our own destiny

From "On The Edge Of Honour"

Led by temptation into the underworld
to absence of season and time
Soldiers of Fortune, Soldiers of the Night
back to back, ready to fight

Enchanted gardens, where Evil slipped away
through darkness, fire and rage
Uncanny demons will dance upon your grave
as soon as you become their slave

Surrender or fight, there's nowhere to turn
The Bringer of Light, where are you now
Forever our hearts will burn

Immortal Riders, Protectors of the Earth
lost in the abode of the dead
Misled through darkness and mislead by desire
inside the midst of the fire

Surrender or fight, there's nowhere to turn
The Bringer of Light, where are you now
Forever our hearts will burn

Fallen Angels, arise from your graves
Free your spirits and unite
before the blood of the Unicorn colors the night
From the ruins of hell we shall rise
On The Edge Of Honour we see the light
of the Unicorn soaring the night

From "Angel Of Mercy"

There's never been any reason
or escape for the treason
You just think of a time far away
I feel your flame and your anguish
I know your plans and your last wish
You just can't face another day

Angel of Mercy, take her to your homeland
Angel of Mercy, you can feel the signs,
it's the End, it's the End

You've stood along the life line
You've played the fool for the last time
You just want the joy and the peace
You've heard all the laughter
You've seen what you're after
You just want the rest and the sleep

Angel of Mercy, take her to your homeland
Angel of Mercy, you can feel the signs,
It's the End

Angel Of Mercy

Overall Impression

9 Easily my most favorite Hammerfall album ever to date, An amazing album from start to finish. You cant help but smile as the riffs fly by, The vocals soar, the drums beat, and the solos blaze, a must for any Power Metal fan, just incredible piece of music!!