Ibanez RG2570e Review

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Ibanez RG2570e
Ibanez RG2570e



Original author: Bmh1109

Weapon: Electric Guitar

Make: Ibanez

Model: RG2570e

Price: ~$879 depending on where you get it

Playing Style: Metal, Blues, Rock N' Roll, Punk Rock, Just about anything Price:

So I finally decided it wouldn’t be a bad idea to write a review of my new Ibanez 2570E so here we go…


8.5/10 The sound out of this guitar is excellent. The Dimarzio/IBZ pickups are great and have a lot of good variations in tone depending on what style you’re playing. It has a very versatile sound with the H-S-H set up. The bridge pickup has awesome crunch for nasty metal riffs and can scream with the best of them. The neck pick up is noticeably less treble which is exactly how it should be and is great for playing lead style riffs. Any sound from killer metal to an almost Telecaster twang can be dialed in with a simple flick of the selector switch. UPDATE: The only sound i haven't been completely satisfied with is the single coils sound. Its way too low output when compared to the humbuckers and just sounds plain flat and lacks definition.


9.5/10 The feel of the Prestige Wizard neck is absolutely great. It’s a very thin and flat neck which makes chording and general playing a lot easier. The action was pretty good out of the box but required a little adjusting but once it was dialed in its just about perfect. The Edge Pro Bridge is a dream and has very fluid movement. I can slam the tremolo down to the point of the strings going limp and bring it back and it stays in perfect tune. In fact once I initially broke the stings in I’ve only had to tune the guitar maybe 3 times and I’ve owned the guitar for about 3 and a half weeks now UPDATE: Having the guitar professionally setup only made me love this guitar even more the action is so low on the highest 3 strings its unbelievable.


10/10 I believe this guitar is a great value and is about as close to a JEM as you can get without forking out the big bucks. It even has some Dimarzio pickups and the same bridge. Its missing the ‘monkey handle’ as Andrew called it but other then that they are mechanically very similar.UPDATE: Im standing by my 10 score for value. Ive still yet to find another guitar that I enjoy playing more in any price range.

Overall Impression

9/10 The 2570E is a great guitar that can be used for any style of music. It has excellent build quality and an excellent finish with a very unique texture and even come in silver and gold. For well under $1000 I think this is one of the most versatile and well built guitars you can purchase. It even comes with an awesome Prestige case. If you want an Ibanez Jem but don’t want the price tag to go along with it I highly suggest checking out the 2570. UPDATE: After playing the guitar for a few weeks now and having it setup by the local guitar shop with 10's instead of the factory 9's the guitar tech had a hard time setting the guitar up for 10's theres still a small amount of string buzz on the low E string. I only play 10's and they made the guitar feel even more at home and comfortable to play to me.