Imperanon - Stained Review

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Imperanon - Stained
Imperanon - Stained


General Information

Original Author: The Uncreator

Artist: Imperanon

Album: Stained

Genre: Melodic Death


01. Blade
02. Memories To Dust
03. Stained
04. Prisoner In Me
05. Sold
06. Hollow Man
07. Rhythm Of Pain
08. Shadowsouls
09. Vein (I Bleed)
10. The End
11. Jos Jotain Yrittaa (Harva Meista On Rautaa)


9 An overtly melodic and destructive album, from super fast riffs, to melodic keyboards, guitar duels, and guitar and keyboard harmonies that can give even Alexi Laiho and Janne Warman a run for the money, this a metal album that none should be without.


10 I will call the guitars on this album flawless, And hold true to it. Aleksi Sihvonen and Lauri Koskenniemi are a superb guitar duo with an incredible sense of melody, and a heart for the best of riffs and sickest of solos! The opening song alone has a flurry of melodic sweeps and melodies, and the sweeping in the second song can rival any guitar players, super fast and still holds a beautiful melody. Every song has some sort of unique interlude, or keyboard verse riff that will make you listen to it, Every song on a first listen caught my attention. The technicality on this album really grabbed me, it just wasn't 2 guitarists saying "Hey look what we can do!!", Its 2 guitarists using there highly honed skills to create a unique and dare i say it?.....METAL, experience. An album for shredders, by shredders, and an Album for metalheads, by metalheads, Incredible performances!


7 Once again another aspect that really intrigued me. Its not the most complex of bass work, or even close to the best. BUT, i give it an 7 because the tone is amazing. It supports the song structures well, and the sound of Eki Nurmikari's bass chugging along with Lauri and Aleksi is awesome. It at times is drowned out a little, but the overall album makes up for it, Still a great aspect of it


8 Amazing of course, what Metal album is complete without virtuoso drumming? Jaako Nylund is a superb drummer with amazing grooves, super fast, super solid double bass and great fill work. I find his drumming similar to that of Jaska Raatkainen (Children Of Bodom), and also similar to Brent Smedley (Ex-Iced Earth). Either way, the sheer ferocity of it amazes me, on the song "The End" it makes me wanna just fight something 2,000 feet tall and take on an entire army, It just fills you with power and strength!!


9 Ive not done this before, and i dont know why! So ill start now. Aleksi Virta is one of the newer keyboard shredder on the metal scene, and he is probably ahead of everybody by miles. Super fast melodies to giant string arrangements, this man has it all! The way him and Aleksi Sihvonen and Lauri Koskenniemi arrange there trade-offs and harmonies is amazing, the way he works with the rest of the band is perfect, there is none better for this band


9 Aleksi Sihvonen, In addition to being an outstanding guitarist, Is an awesome vocalist, If you like the scratchy scream like Children Of Bodom, Death, or The Black Dahlia Murder. They are very similar to Alexi Laihos vocals on there first 2 or 3 albums, but still have a unique approach and sound after a few listens. Granted, at first most will think "Cool Alexi Laiho has a side project!". But after a while it grows on you as something different and unique, Even if it doesnt, it still is an awesome addition.

There is also two guest vocalist on this album, Leonna Aho graces us with her beautiful voice on the song "Shadowsouls", and the contrast between her and Aleksi is amazing, sounds great, even when they do there harmonies. The second guest would be Pasi Rantanen, and his vocals and another amazing contrast on the song "Hollow Man". His majestic and powerful vocals fuel the verses of this song!


8 Damn cool if you ask me, they seem to be in the mind of a troubled man at time who has faced alot of bad problems with bad outcomes.

From "Blade"
From the flames of a burned down heart,
Ripped off and torn apart,
Life to ashes and life to death,
I twist the blade and take your breath

In the twist of blade I feel, the passion to hate arising,

Cruellest mind my thoughts are running through,
Deepest fear no light shines on you!

Son of no-one and breeder of fear, I'm coming to take you away,
Shadow hearted, me, Wild One,
Bringer of pain and darkest despair, I'm heading towards the day,
That Yer last wish's to be done.

Through my blade I live my life,
Your salvation in flash of my knife.
Til' the last drop I make you crawl,
Ya good as dead so fear no more.

From "Stained"
Blinded by a betrayal scene,
No one there to keep my trust
All these serpents in my head,
make me see what I must

Scarred heart and wounded mind
My own blood now stains my hands
Fueled with rage, to stand and fight,
I will be the last who stands

Haunted by a murder scene,
My weakness was my only hope
Broken alliance, broken trust,
From now on I live for myself

Battered heart and hollow mind,
My revenge became my world
I regret not things I've done,
Alone I stand, still I hurt

I have no love for life anymore,
I no longer believe in the world
Put your life in the hands of another
And you sure will lose it all

I will not break down and crumble,
Now that I've found my strength
Show me the error of my ways,
And I will laugh at your face

I will not give in and stumble
Now that I see right through you
Try to make me change my way
And I'll show you the reasons why

From "Vein (I Bleed)"
The old scars ripped open yet again
See me falter and see me fall
Watch me from the distance, sky growing darker
Gripping reality as I feel I'm slipping away

Every painful moment I bleed to fulfill
the sky painted with blood deeper still

Grey days and dark nights blending together
It seems this pain was made to last forever
Watch me from the cover, clouds getting darker
Opening the wounds, letting my blood run wild

The sun rises again to greet the pain
To sear my flesh, to open my vein
I waste no time for the madman's hope

Every passing day feeling closer to the rope

The ancient scars ripped open yet again
I will falter but I won't fall
Watch me from the shadows, Sky growing brighter
Spilling the life that runs cold inside of me

Overall Impression

9 An incredibly melodic album full of crushing riffs, incredible solos, Technical guitar work, impossibly brilliant melodies, and awesome keyboard and guitar harmonies. An essential metal album, Imperanon's album Stained is one of the strongest released to date.


Imperanon - Sold