Journal 2010-01-17 GMC Mini-Reviews

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GMC Mini-Reviews

Guitarists love gear!
We love our amps, our stomps, our pedalboards and multi-fx units. We even love our cables, strings and picks! And guitars, oh, guitars....

Let's write mini-reviews!!

Errr... but what's a mini-review?!

It's a small, fast & useful "post" about some of your favourite (or hated!) pieces of gear!, but we write it in our wiki. Reminder: Every member of GMC already has wiki priviledges activated. If you are a member you can (and are encouraged!) to edit any of our wiki articles freely!

Yeah, yeah, we already have lots of great reviews in our knowldge base!

Yes, but mini-reviews are smaller and take no longer to create than making a post in a forum thread! No need to write a long text with pictures, explanations etc. You just say what you feel like about your gear, it can be just a couple lines, a couple paragraphs or a whole book. Up to you!

Ok, then I'll post in a thread!

Cool!. But if you "post" it in our wiki all the info regarding a particular piece of gear plus all GMCers opinions about it will be at one same place! Fast, useful and easy!

Hmmm. This sounds good. But how does it really work?

Piece of cake.

I'm going to write a mini review in our wiki right now, because I have a nice VOX AC4TV amp which I enjoy a lot. It will take me only 3 minutes to do it all. Be right back!

You see? I'm already back! Took me just 2 minutes actually. Here it is:

But I don't really understand how the wiki works

If you can type, you can wiki.

Just go to the knowledge base, type in the search box example: POD X3 Mini Review and click "Go". If the gear doesn't exist it will tell you there's no such entry, you click on "create this entry", and you are rolling.

Once there you write your mini review, click save and it's done!, it will be saved as POD X3 Mini Review, because that's what you searched for at the start and chose to create. Make sure you add the "mini review" words after the gear name, so that everyone knows it's a mini review page and they keep adding more opinions.

Besides if you still have any doubts we have a short really helpful tutorial, or you can contact me anytime and I'll be glad to lend a hand

Now comes the fun part

If someone types vox ac4tv they will read my mini review, and know whether I think it's good or bad and why. Just a couple paragraphs. What's even better is that if you also own an AC4 you can just go ahead, edit the entry and post your opinions right there too! Just like we do on the forums, only creating an amazing knowledge base in the proccess!.

And that's it? As easy as writing a post?


To sum up:

I always feel there's an inmense amount of knowledge in our boards. But it's "spread all over the place", takes so much time to search through threads & threads to find that golden piece of advice, opinion, text, etc. Imagine if this week we all take 3 minutes to write about our amp on the wiki. Can you imagine the awesome amount information that would be at our disposal with only 3 minutes of our time?

It's like when you think "If every person in my country gave me a cent, I'd be millionaire!!", but this is actually possible, and we all win. Let's share our 3 minutes, and we'll gain thousands of hours of experience & knowledge! (Besides we all love telling our friends about our latest stomp, axe or amp, don't we?)

Share your mini-reviews in our boards and feel free to ask any doubts in the Mini Reviews Thread