Journal 2011-04-14 New Album by Daniel Realpe

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Daniel Realpe New Album

Daniel Realpe "Compulsive
Daniel Realpe "Compulsive

Our instructor Daniel Realpe is an amazing player with great technique and attitude. Prove of that are his amazing GMC Lessons and video covers of famous tracks and solos in youtube.

Now he is releasing his new album, and no one better than the man himself to express its meaning to us user posted image

"I had a great time making this music! These songs are the product of inspiration and hard work. I know you'll realize that when you listen to it. I didn't want to create the most serious piece of music. Although there are some serious moments here and there. I'm really happy with the result!

I did my best to be as unpretentious and genuine as possible yet being able to be understood.

I'm happy that I finally got to put this album out and express to you some of my inner deep true self through music (and a few words here and there).

As you know, the internet has changed our lifes from what they used to be a few years back. And that includes the music industry. Thanks to this technology I'm able to offer you my music with as less intermediaries as possible. This way you are directly supporting me (the musician) and not a big fat corporate burocrat who's thinking about how to increase profit on everything.

Your support means and has great value to me because it allows me to stay making music if that's meant to be. Thanks for buying the album!

Daniel Realpe"

You can get the album at CD Baby and Amazon.

Here's his video message, and a sample solo from "Never ending wave of change":