Megadeth - risk review

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General Information


Original Author: MonkeyDAthos

Artist: Megadeth

Album: Risk (1999)

Genre: Hard Rock/Alternative Metal

CD Line Up

Dave Mustaine - Lead guitar, lead vocals
Marty Friedman - Lead guitar
Dave Ellefson - bass, backing vocals
Jimmy DeGrasso - drums


1.- Insomnia
2.- Prince of Darkness"
3.- Enter the Arena
4.- Crush 'Em
5.- Breadline
6.- The Doctor Is Calling"
7.- I'll Be There
8.- Wanderlust
9.- Ecstasy
10.- Seven
11.- Time: The Beginning
12.- Time: The End
13. Duke Nukem Theme [Japanese bonus]


Risk was a bomb drop in 1999 for many of Megadeth's fans. Compared to other albums such as Rust in Peace, So Far, So Good, So What...? etc etc, your reaction to this album would be probably something like this: #$"%#"? is this Megadeth?!!What Wheck?!

But well. IMHO, the album isn't bad at all! Different, yes!

I can feel some Marty Friedman spirit on it, specially on Insomnia. In Price of Darkness, Enter the Arene, Crush'Em you can get a fighting feel, I would love to fight with Crush 'Em passing as back track! Breadline, The Doctor is Calling, I'll be There, Wanderlust, Ecstasy, Seven, Time: The Beginning have a more 80's Metal/Hard Rock, Alternative Feeling. As for Time: The End, the first time I heard this track, I was quite surprised, because Mustaine's voice remind me of Ozzy user posted image, this track would probably fit well in United Abominations.

The instrumental of the album is amazing you have everything for an awesome Rock/Metal/Alternative album. I love how the guitars follow the voice and do that deep, palm mute that you can head bang to, and some riffs are actually pretty kick ass! The drums seem pretty solid and well built, I think DeGrasso did quite a good job, as well as the bass! However, I don't understand much haha.

In lyrical and vocal terms, well it's Mustaine, you either love it or hate it. I like his voice although I dislike some effects used on some tracks.

The lyrics could be worse!, I love the Bon Jovi style mixed up with Metal feeling on some tracks, for example:

I'll be there for you, when you walk through the fire
I'll be there for you, when the flames get higher
When nothing fits and nothing seems right
Till the very last breath of my life, I'll be there for you

Although some of the lyrics have that aggressive feeling, they aren't nearly as aggressive as the ones you can feel on "Killing is my business .....and business is good!". This isn't a bad thing, at least for guys like me; for metal heads, it could be like......going to the church at 7 AM user posted image .

Heads i win tails you lose
Out of my way i'm comin' through
Roll the dice don't think twice
And we crush
Crush 'em

Im gonna give this Album a 7! I don't recommend it if you are a Metal Head and Metal Head only, this album may be a big disappoint to you. However if you are a guy like me, who likes pretty much everything from death metal, to rock/pop, I would recommend it!

And remember: Stay Mega till' Deth \m/

Do Yours!