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The Band

RAMP is a PortugueseThrash/Heavy Metal Band founded in 1989. Their name was born joining band members initials: R.A.M.P. (Ricardo, António, Miguel, Paulo).
Unlike most of European bands from their time, RAMP have a heaviest sonority with traces of American Metal bands, such as Pantera. RAMP is also a reference and one of the most influential Metal bands in Portugal.

The Beginning

It all started when Ricardo invited Rui, an old school friend, as RAMP Vocalist.
Finaly, after having all members, RAMP started to rise! Countless Hours were spent in a garage, doing rehearsals and writing songs, until they managed to get an appointment for a concert in Rock Rendez-Vous, the mythical venue in Lisbon. That was when they managed to get the media attetion.

With a growing legion of fans and excellent reviews of their live shows, RAMP started to focus their efforts on releasing their first album.


Since 1992 Ramp have already recorded 6 albums. "Thoughts", a mini-LP with over six tracks, was the first record and a very important one, because it marked a new era in Portugal Modern Music.


Intersection was the second album recorded in 1995. On this album we can find a mature RAMP, the album also got extensive video play with "All men taste hell", their first single and video.
Not only Ramp had a massive wall of fans in Portugal, but they were also receiving excellent reviews on media all over the world, such as in Burn and Mad ball in Jamp, Metal Head and Rock Brigade in Brazil also Mindview and Hard Force in Belgium.

In 1998, RAMP went to Nottingham, England, to record their third album "EDP" (Evolution, Devolution, Revolutio). This album is very well know thanks to the song "For a While", that became a radio hit, featuring in the Top Ten of Radio Comercial, one of the biggest Portuguese National Broadcasting Radios.

In 1999 RAMP release "RAMP...Live", a double album that gathers over 18 tracks from their three original albums.

Four years after the release of the double album, RAMP went to the studio and recorded their fifth album, Nude. "Nude is a part of a lifetime filled with experiences, a challenge in which one finds a band stripped of prejudice and frontiers, unveiling their inner selves, and taking full responsibility for all production aspects", quoting the band.

In 2005 RAMP released this EP where we can find a cover version of Duran Duran´s 'Planet Earth' alongside another cover version, this time 'Anjinho da Guarda' ('Little guardian angel'), from acclaimed Portuguese artist António Variações. There is also a new song 'You make me'. Yet again, the band took charge of production and included a multimedia section packed with different surprises in the CD. The EP was set for sale exclusively on the Tour and via website, reaching nearly break of stock.

Their last album was released in 2009 with the Vision.

Thanks to RAMP's reputation as excellent musicians and intense performers, they got the opportunity to play as opening acts of International artists such as Sepultura, Metallica, Iron Maiden and Slayer

Line Up

Rui Duarte (Vocals)
Ricardo (Guitar)
Tó Pica (Guitar)
João Paulo Martins (Drums)



Thoughts (1992)
Intersection (1995)
Evolution, Devolution, Revolution (1998)
Ramp…Live (álbum duplo, 1999)
Nude (2003)
Visions (2009)


Planet Earth (2005)

CD single

Black Tie (Grey Snow Mix) (1996)
Alone (2003)