I Got Rhythm Guitar 1 - Drop D

by Joe Kataldo

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  • Hi there, my name is Joe Kataldo, this is my first lesson of a column I want to start called "I Got Rhythm Guitar" to unlock the secrets of rhythm guitar.

    This is just a demo, in the next we will discuss many technical topics from basic to advanced one, touching different genres from rock to blues jazz to latin, passing from trash to progressive with a bit of acoustic... So stay tuned on GMC for great Rhythm Lessons!

    This Lesson Will Improve:
    Drop D Riffing
    Palm Muting
    Alternate Picking Dexterity
    Drop D Power Chord Knowledge

    D Metal Dorian
    The lesson is divided in three section, each one will focus on a specific topic
    A: Power chord palm mute riffing
    B: Single note staccato riffing
    C: Big Open Power Chord

    The main key is D Dorian, all the notes belong to the C Major relative scale, starting from the second note D, I've Highlighted the notes on the top three string so you can just play watching the diagram and came out with some original riff.

    Recommended Listening
    For great Drop D Riffer listen to TOOL, Sound Garden, Rage Against Machines, King's X etc.
    They all make an extensive use of drop D Tuning.

    Pro Tip
    If you don't have a fixed bridge guitar, Drop tune can be tricky, here is a tip: tune your guitar with a electronic tuner, than play the D string and the top E string together while tuning down the E until the six string will match the forth string D, these will not give you a perfect tuning but will set the top three strings in tune by themselves.

    Dm Dorian Drop D.jpg
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