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[[Category: GMC]]
[[Category: GMC]]
[[Image:fooless.jpg|thumb|GMC Lessons]]
'''[https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_forum/index.php?showtopic=38834 GMC Upcoming Changes]'''
'''[https://www.guitarmasterclass.net/guitar_forum/index.php?showtopic=38834 GMC Upcoming Changes]'''

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GMC Lessons
GMC Lessons

GMC Upcoming Changes

GMC Founder Kristofer Dahl has shed light upon the upcoming changes our favourite site will soon go through:

-Fewer, but higher quality lessons.
-Lower prices.
-Better lesson help.
-More community activities.

More cool updates will arrive too (downloadable backings, iphone app etc), so stay tuned!. Forum thread - Suggestions

New Portal "GMC Radio"

A new portal is born in our knowledge base, one that will gather the music created by our community, and that will be known as "GMC Radio" from now on user posted image
Read more about it, and help us build it!

(Image by renjith krishnan)

GMC Diabolic Collab

Back in February Daniel Realpe started a new project in which some of our members and intructors quickly took part. Here's thefinal result user posted image


Attitude Competition Winners

GMC Admin Justin Myrick has announced the winners of our latest Competition, one which was all about attitude!

To all you head-bangin', metal horns throwin', and mean muggin' rockers that submitted your takes in the "Show Your Attitude" competition, WE SALUTE YOU!! - And the winners are...

1st: TheFireball- 5 minutes of entertaining, classic rocker stance, great head bangin', and great facial expressions.
2nd: Rated Htr - great head bangin, priceless facial expressions, and having a cape always helps!
3rd: Superize - awesome facial expressions, good head bangin', good energy, and a solid metal horns ending.

Congrats to the winners! And thanks all who took part user posted image

Kristofer Dahl & Ben Higgins "Second Chance" Collab

When our Instructors join forces the results are always breathtaking, as is the case with Kris & Ben's latest track, "Second Chance":

Beautiful, wasn't it? Thanks guys. Keep rocking, and keep them coming! user posted image


Subscribe to your favourite Instructors!

A handy new feature is brought by our development team, that will prevent us from missing any lesson from our favourite GMC instructors. From now on we can subscribe to our favourite instructors, and get an email notification as soon as a new lesson is published user posted image

You can do so clicking on the big red "Subscribe" button found in our instructors profile pages, which you can find here, or by clicking on the picture in any of their lessons.

GMC Funnies!
GMC Funnies!

GMC Funnies #116

Proffesional drawer Jason Nocera shares with us his new creations each weekend: funny cartoons featuring our members and their crazy stories are coming our way!

Headbanging guide! user posted image

  • The idea comes from something found on this thread
  • Forum discussion about this cartoon can be found here

All GMC Lessons

Do you want to access all of our instructors' lessons with just one click? Then this page is for you. Check here.