Metallica Made Easy

by Gabriel Leopardi

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  • Hi GMC!

    Welcome to my new lesson specially composed for beginners who want to get into Metallica’s style. There is another lesson in my archive which is based on the old school style of them (Check it out HERE); this one is based on the 90’s era, their rocker side.

    Music Style:
    Metallica are considered the fathers of Thrash Metal, however, their style had many changes along the years. Old school fans can critique them, but I think that this metamorphosis keep them always providing great and fresh music. It’s really interesting to see how their style evolved, changed, mutated but always kept the essence.
    In this lesson we will cover their more modern hard work side that can be found in the black album but mostly on Load and Reload albums. These albums included slower tempos, groovier playing and lots of killer riffs composed with Blues Scale.

    Tonality, Chord Progression & Scales:
    As a big Metallica’s fan I can say that they love E minor key. There are many of their songs in this key so that’s the key used on this lesson. When saying E minor I include different minor scales: E pentatonic minor, E blues scale, E Aeolian and E Phrygian. All these scales are combined along this composition so check out the next parts to learn and identify each one.

    This is a rhythm lesson composed for beginners who want to get into hard work and metal. In this one, we’ll cover alternate picking, down picking, palm muting power chords and riffing.

    I used LePoin plugins to create the guitar tone. These are free amp emulators that are extremely recommended. The cabinet used for this guitar tone is HyBrit which is a Marshall amp emulation and before it a tube screamer emulation. Check out the settings:

    Tuning: standard EADGBE tuning

    Tempo: 116 BPM

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