Chords - key of E

by David OToole

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  • Key of E

    E is a popular key and it uses the lowest E note available on a standard tuned guitar, and is a powerful Rock and Blues key standard. Here's the ascending set of chords used in the E group:

    E _ F#m _ G#m _ A _ B _ C#m _ D#m7b5 _ E

    For the video we rearrange these as follows:

    E _ C#m _ A _ F#m _ B _ G#m _ D#m7b5 E

    See video I text for these chords in tab/ascii form.

    In the lesson vid we use a timed delay to color the sound. Here's the settings used. You can experiment with whatever sounds good to your ears.

    Our song in the example is 90 *b.p.m. So divide 60 (seconds) by 90 bpm = 0.666 (milliseconds). Don't worry about the maths for now. Just set up your digital delay to 0.666 milliseconds, about 4 repeats full on and 100% in the mix. This gives us a quarter note delay. So the formula to obtain a quarter note delay is 60 divided by bpm - works everytime.

    If you are using a delay pedal you need to set your pedal by ear if there's no digital readout.

    I used the excellent (and recommended) Boss DD3 delay pedal for this demo with the controls set at:

    Feedback Level - just past 12 o'clock
    Feedback x 12 o'clock (about 4 repeats)
    Delay Time - 12:05 o'clock (around 666ms).

    Bear in mind that each delay pedal differs from others, but you don't need to be exact to the microsecond on this. Once it sounds good and fits the tempo its fine.

    Key of E - Group Chords

    E Fam.gif
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