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Absolute Beginner Lessons

The lowest level lesson. Fingering is simple, tempo is slow and rhythms are regular. Explanations are very in depth and assume little or no prior knowledge. These lessons are aimed at beginners in the first weeks of playing guitar. Do not miss the Absolute Beginners Guide and Ben's Beginner Course!


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Golden Oldies

  • Beginner - Strumming and Arpeggios

    by Muris Varajic

    Simple use of most common chords like Am, C, G, Dm etc. Techniques involved are strumming and arpeggiato, ideal start for any beginner.

    Tags: Chords, D minor, A minor, comping, chord progression, arpeggiated chords, arrangement, arranging, changing chords, open chords, economy picking
  • First Steps 8 - Striking a Chord

    by Andrew Cockburn

    In this lesson we learn the basics of open chords and how to play them.

    Tags: basic chords, Hey Jude, The Beatles, open chords, tutorial, theory, harmony, strumming, changing chords, C major, C major chord, F major chord, G dominant chord, chord notation
  • Metalhead's Journey #1

    by Lian Gerbino

    A Metalhead's Journey is a series focused on easier material. In lesson one we'll focus on Powerchords, Downstrokes and Palm Muting.

    Tags: Metal for Beginners, Powerchords, Downstrokes, Palm Muting, Metal, G Major, A Major, metal rhythm, power metal, metal concepts, metal techniques
  • Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple

    by Andrew Cockburn

    Learn to play the Deep Purple classic "Smoke on the Water" - possibly the most essential riff that any beginner guitarist can learn!

    Tags: riff, G blues, classic riff, riffing, downstrokes, downpicking, power chords, first song, Ritchie Blackmore
  • First Steps 4 - Note This Well

    by Andrew Cockburn

    We'll take a look at what notes are, and where on the guitar to find them.

    Tags: beginner, notes, fretboard knowledge, fret, notes on fretboard, where are the notes, notes on guitar, tutorial, theory
  • Finger Independence I

    by Danilo Capezzuto

    This exercise will help you to improve and learn with more confidence any kind of techniques you need to play. And more, your fingers will increase stamina and become more strong.

    Tags: stretch, stretching, trills, economy picking, alternate picking, training, exercises, workout, technique, spider exercise, stamina
  • First Steps 6 - The Scales of Justice

    by Andrew Cockburn

    Scales are the building block of lead and rhythm playing - in this lesson we'll start to understand what a scale is and how to practice them.

    Tags: scales, pentatonic, theory, scale knowledge, building blocks of lead and rhythm playing, essential concepts, what is a scale, how to practice scales
  • Beginner's Corner 1: Open Chords

    by Bear Rose

    This is the place for all you beginning guitarists to get started on your journey to great guitar playing. To start off with, we are going to learn a few open chords in the key of G major.

    Tags: Downpicking, downstrokes, chord progression, changing chords, G major, pop chord progression, pop chords, clean chords, strumming, comping, rhythm
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