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Learn bass guitar from scratch as a beginner - or dive directly into slapping, popping & thumping. Covers most common pop / rock styles, with example lessons taken from popular songs.This section is suitable for bassists - as well as any musician wanting to spice up their recordings with real bass.


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  • Difficulty3

    Blues Bass Groove 1

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to improvise a bass groove to a Chicago blues type of progression!

    Tags: chicago blues, blues bass improvisation,...
  • Difficulty3

    Rock Bass Lesson 3

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Learn how to compose a smooth ballad rock bass track incorporating various groove concepts and walking bass ideas.

    Tags: rock bass, walking bass, ballad feel,...
  • Difficulty1

    Bass Lesson 1 - Left Hand Fingering

    by Hrvoje Maretic

    In this lesson I will try to help you develop correct left hand technique using some basic scales to show you correct fingering. I have provided you tabs for all grooves and scales i've played, in same order they appear in video.

    Tags: left hand technique, bass fingerings,
  • Difficulty3

    Dead Notes Lesson

    by Bogdan Radovic

    Dead notes are produced by string muting technique. String muting is one of the most useful techniques which you can use to develop a good groove. Bass guitar can be a very percussive instrument and string muting creates a percussive sound that can add a new dimension to your playing and bass lines.

    Tags: bass guitar, string muting
  • Difficulty6

    Flea Style Slap Bass Lesson

    by Bogdan Radovic

    A slap bass tune inspired by Flea - the bass guitar player from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. To achieve this fast and percussive sound to it you will be mostly using techniques like hammer-ons and left hand slapping.

    Tags: Flea, Red Hot Chili Peppers, slapping,...
  • Difficulty4

    Slap Bass Exercises

    by Bogdan Radovic

    A set of exercises that will help you start with or develop your existing slab bass technique. This is the fastest way of getting slapping down and developing strength and durability needed.

    Tags: bass, slap, slapping
  • Difficulty6

    Pachelbel's Canon in D - Bass Arrangement

    by Bogdan Radovic

    In this lesson you're going to learn the "Pachelbel's Canon in D". It's the most famous piece by Johann Pachelbel written in about 1680. I did a special version for two bass guitars.

    Tags: Pachelbels Canon in D, bass version, canon...
  • Difficulty1

    Restringing the Bass Tutorial

    by Bogdan Radovic

    This is a step by step tutorial on how to change strings on a bass guitar.

    Tags: bass guitar, restringing, changing strings,...
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