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Just like GMC founder Kristofer Dahl - you will learn singing from scratch with these musical exercises and examples. Achieve your desired vocal timbre through correct vocal practicing. Our lessons are adapted for both male and female vocal range.


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Golden Oldies

  • Singing While Playing

    by Ivan Mihaljevic

    This lesson focuses on singing while playing your guitar!

    Tags: singing, ballad, rock, A minor, chords, arpeggiated chords, strumming, arranging, arrangement, tutorial
  • Vibrato Singing Lesson 2

    by Luciana Segovia

    Luciana present the second Vibrato Singing Lesson! In this lesson we'll work with all the vowels, and practice vibrato as a variation of air when you sing.

    Tags: singing, vibrato, improvisation, vocal classes, sing, singing for guitarists
  • Warming Up Singing Lesson 101

    by Nemanja Filipovic

    Warming up exercises, spoken tutorial.

    Tags: Breath, speed, low range, vibrato, warm up, singing for guitarists, C Major
  • Vocal Fry

    by Luciana Segovia

    Today I'll talk about screaming. There are different types of screaming. One of them is the VOCAL FRY

    Tags: Screaming, Vocal technique, D minor, singing for guitarists, zen of screaming, Vocal Fry, Singing lesson
  • Clean Rock Singing Lesson

    by Luciana Segovia

    Today we have a clean rock song recorded with acoustic guitar, using Minor Aeolian Scale. This scale has a sad and dark sound and is very used in different styles like Rock, Heavy Metal, and mostly in ballads.

    Tags: Rock, Heavy Metal, ballads, harmonized voices, vocal arrangements, arpeggios, A minor
  • Dorian Mode Singing Lesson

    by Luciana Segovia

    This scale gives you a new tools for your compositions. The Dorian mode is used in jazz, and in some rock and pop music making it sound "jazzy". No matter if you play rock, pop or metal, you will find very original stuff if you used it.

    Tags: compositions, singing, vocals, A dorian, jazzy, ear training
  • Phrygian Mode Singing Lesson

    by Luciana Segovia

    We'll continue exploring the different modes. As you know this training is very important for singers and also for composing and do improvisations.

    Tags: ear training, composing, voice, modes, modal, E Phrygian, building melodies, composing melodies
  • Mixolydian Mode Singing Lesson

    by Luciana Segovia

    The mixolydian mode is often used combined with dominant arpeggios and pentatonic minor scale in Blues. The idea of this lesson is to learn this mode and to incorporate the sound in our mind.

    Tags: singing, voice, control, intervals, mixolydian, G mixolydian, G minor pentatonic
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