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The Theory Portal


This is where the theoretical rubber meets the road! If you want to know about Scales, Modes, Chord Construction or Musical Notation look no further!

Featured Article

Andrew's Theory Lessons

Always wanted to learn theory but don't know where to start? Check out Andrew's Theory Lessons, and work your way through them from the beginning.

Important Articles

Stuck with the terminology, or just want to learn something new? Check out the Theory Glossary!

Always wanted to learn theory but never known how, or just want to fine tune your theory skills? Check out Andrew's Theory Lessons!

Some great articles

Music Theory Series
Music Theory Series

Music Theory Series
A brand new approach to the Music Theory with Dogukan Ozturk(Quadrium). New lessons will be published every 3-4 days. If you want to take your playing to the next level don't forget to check these lessons.

Recording Tips
Recording Tips

Home Recording Tips And Tricks

An interesting entry by Instructor Todd Simpson on home recording, providing some basic theory and tips for those wishing to make great recordigs at home. "This article will talk about various techniques and tips for getting the best possible sound out of your home recording gear"

GMC Theory Grimoire
GMC Theory Grimoire

The GMC Theory Grimoire

As you guys know, GMC Instructor Andrew Cockburn has written some excellent theory lessons which can be found and discussed in our Theory Board. Member Loundzilla just put together all these lessons in a cool book file, so that we can take it with us anywhere or print it. Over 200 pages await featuring theory basics, notation, scales, modes, chords, harmonies... and much more! Grab your free copy now!

Andrew's Theory Lessons

Want to learn theory but never known where to start? Check out Andrew's Theory Lessons!

"Over time I am hoping that this will become a complete theory course that will enable players of all levels to learn all they need to know about theory to support their guitar playing..."more!

Theory Glossary

Want to learn some interesting theory terminology? Check out the Theory Glossary!

"A list of musical theory terminology - the essential reference for theory students..."more!

Chord Library

Want to improve your knowledge of chords? Check out the Chord Library! Here is a library of chords diagrams. Green dots are root notes of the chord.

If you would like to add any chords to the library yourself then check out this tutorial.

Things you can do!

  • Help move Andrew's Theory Lessons across to the Wiki. Sign-up here.
  • Why not write or expand an article on your favorite piece of theory?

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