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The Amp Week

Just recently we have started a new wiki "experiment", which we call "The Amp Week"

As part of our efforts to gather as much information as possible from our savvy members (and Instructors!), we'd like to receive input about your amps from as many of you as possible :)

You can make a large review, like this one or a short mini review, such as this one here. There are many more you can find here.

You can go ahead and do it directly in our wiki, or just post it in this thread or in the gear reviews forum. We can even all your reviews into the wiki (contact Fran) so no problem ;)

If we all take a few minutes to write about our amps we can make the coolest knowledge base ever. It's fast and easy. Shall you guys like this idea, we could make new "weeks" every month, continuing with our favourite stomps, guitars, etc! ;)

The endline for this little project will be the 30th of November!

Let's take a look at the current amp reviews in our knowledge base:

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Blackstar HT-Dual
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Nemesis (eden) Nc115 Bass Amp Review
Peavey 100watt Valve King Review
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Reinhardt The 18 Mini Review
Roland Cube 30 Review
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Vox AC4TV Mini Review
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